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Why Convent Energy UK?

"Personnel expert in wind!"

why convent energy


Convent energy Ltd., a vibrant, international and award-winning Renewable Energy Recruitment Company based in Hammersmith, London.

As a specialist for individual personnel services convent energy UK - part of convent energy - offers specialists and qualified professionals for all challenges in the planning, installation and maintenance of wind power projects as well as the manufacture and production of facilities and components.

In this context, convent operates a continuous proactive recruiting across all professional qualifications and hierarchy levels as well as the requirements of its clients. With a sophisticated, unique concept based on more than 10 years’ experience as well as the exploitation of modern media and technical tools and the use of classic relationship management with employment market and employment policy stakeholders, convent succeeds in ensuring the fastest response times and a high degree of quality for its clients.
With our fixed regular personnel and flexible specialists, we offer planners, manufacturers, operators as well as technical service providers the perfect concept for their volatile needs.
Thanks to our unique specialisation in the wind energy sector and the targeted development of an attractive employer brand, we have, since our founding in 2007 in Oldenburg, Germany, succeeded in developing a continuously growing personnel base as well as a network of qualified experts for international on and offshore projects.
Adherence to the highest international safety standards and, at the same time, fast response times are guaranteed at all times with a well-coordinated facilities and warehouse management, forward-looking certification system and an experienced implementation team. With this, convent positions itself as an independent service partner with experience and foresight which enables its clients smooth handling with maximum flexibility.
The training of new employees for the industry as well as the “wind specialist” adaptation qualification in the convent college offer an additional lead in the industry.